Who Is Boris Sokolov?


Boris Sokolov was a cameraman in the Soviet Army during World War II. He participated on the front lines in the heat of battle, including the liberation of Poland and the capture of Berlin, and was recognized for valor.  He also couldn’t keep his head down if he was to do his job.

Sokolov told euronews: “Our ‘weapon’ was a movie camera. We were sent to record the war on film, rather than fight. We were shooting with a camera, never with a gun.”

This year, Sokolov turned 95.

One interesting thing Sokolov filmed was the discovery of a corpse that looked exactly like Hitler at the Reichs Chancellery building in Berlin.

Because of the similar moustache and haircut, it was mistakenly believed to be the body of Hitler.  However, it turned out to be Gustav Weler, who was Hitler´s double.  Weler was executed in order to confuse the Allied troops, and when he was alive, he had also been “a decoy for security reasons.”

(Updated article)

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