Could There Be Debt-Free College Under President Hillary Clinton?

According to MarketWatch, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager alluded to the idea of students going debt-free if Hillary becomes U.S. President.

Making college more affordable is part of Clinton’s plan to boost quality of life for ordinary Americans, Robby Mook, “Hillary for America” campaign manager, told CNBC.

He was responding to a question about which age demographic will be the toughest for Clinton to lure.

“What voters are looking for in this election is someone who is going to be a champion for everyday people,” Mook said Wednesday. “For young people, that’s debt-free college, that is finding that job after you graduate.”

Though the Clinton campaign has yet to officially endorse a plan that would let students graduate from school without loans, the fact that the words “debt-free college” came out of Mook’s mouth is seen as a victory for progressives. Over the past few months, a collective of liberals has been working to push the idea into mainstream Democratic circles, according to Bloomberg.

Mook’s comments come just weeks after a group of congressional Democrats introduced a resolution calling for a way for students to attend public colleges and universities debt-free.

That proposal could be made possible through a combination of increasing federal aid to states and students as well as reducing the cost of college, according to a white paper co-authored by left-leaning think tank Demos and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  That group has spearheaded the debt-free college campaign, writes MarketWatch.

3 thoughts on “Could There Be Debt-Free College Under President Hillary Clinton?

  1. I don’t believe that meaningful reform–which means extending a free college education to everyone who meets college entrance requirements–will ever happen if a corporatist neoliberal Democrat like Clinton is elected.

    (Not that Republicans would, either. That’s a given.)

    Several weeks ago, I went to CAP, and found the ‘game plan’ that Larry Summers wrote for her campaign. It was in PDF form, so it’s very easy to read, Sorry, I forget the name, but a quick search should yield the paper.


    Click to access DebtFreeCollege.pdf

    The link above is to the Resolution referred to in the MarketWatch piece. It begins,

    Senate Resolution ________. Supporting efforts to ensure that students have access to debt-free higher education.


    Pretty vague, and weak tea, IMO. Truthfully, I have to wonder if this isn’t ‘electioneering.’

    Thank you for this post.

    I will use parts of the MarketWatch piece in a Tweet campaign, since several blogs and organizations that I belong to are engaging in a social media campaign to hold all of the 2016 Presidential nominees [and their proxies] accountable for their promises and policy statements.

    Happy Mother’s Day To All!


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