What Is The Situation With The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) ?


Three weeks ago, MSNBC led a roundtable discussion with President Barack Obama that primarily concerned his administration’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.  During the interview, the host gave the president a platform to fire back against criticism the plan has been getting from opponents like Senator Warren.  The president said she was “wrong.”

In an interview with Matt Bai of Yahoo News recently, the President reiterated his statement against the progressive leader Warren. “She’s absolutely wrong,” he said.

One of the strangest things about the trade deal TPP is the secrecy surrounding it.

It is so secretive that in March, the New York Times wrote an article about it in collaboration with WikiLeaks – the Julian Assange leak website.

NYT:   “The chapter in the draft of the trade deal, dated Jan. 20, 2015, and obtained by The New York Times in collaboration with the group WikiLeaks, is certain to kindle opposition…”

If Senator Warren is wrong, then why can’t the American public know the details of the trade deal? What we do know is that across the board, the TPP is going to open the door for foreign lawsuits against the U.S.  It has also been claimed that the U.S. lost over 5,000,000 jobs from the last big trade deal, NAFTA.

Free Speech TV discusses it.


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