Artist Fills Chicago Potholes With Mosaics

Chicago artist Jim Bachor has been filling potholes in a highly unusual and clever way, writes Visual News.  Bachor has been filling them with beautiful and surprising mosaics made from glass and marble.

Create art and save the world (or at least a few tires), writes Visual News.

Bachor 4

Last year Bachor installed nine “gorilla mosaics” around his home city of Chicago, bringing a bit of unexpected beauty to the street (and if there’s ever been true ‘street art’ this is it).

Many of his works featured flowers or a humorously obvious label of ‘pothole’.  Last February he launched his 2015 Pothole Art Installation Project on Kickstarter, called ‘Treats in the Streets.’

The successfully funded project has seen Bachor hard at work filling potholes around the world with popsicles and ice creams of all sorts, according to Visual News.


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