7 thoughts on “USA: ‘ Obama is Creating a World Police Force While Destroying US Military ‘

  1. Sigh … The U.N. Small Arms Treaty has nothing to do with gun control within the signatory countries. It has to do with international trade in conventional arms. This is one of the many canards floating around out there by the right wing whackos. One of the things they do is take one paragraph out of the entire act and suggest it has far more meaning than it actually has. All of these agreements are limited by defined terms and things like that. So, for instance, in the post, they quote something from the START treaty that suggests the ultimate objective is “complete disarmament,” thereby suggesting that START was ultimately intended to result in complete disarmament of the United States and Soviet Union/Russia — including conventional arms. The problem with that position is that by its terms, START is limited to strategic weapons — i.e., nuclear weapons — and does not include conventional weapons.

    And this continuing crapola about Jade Helm. Please! Enough with it already.

    1. Thank you for the clarification. Many “international” (i.e., European) websites are usually left-wing, but then they get hooked up with these right-wing conspiracy websites and it confuses people…

      1. The problem is that these kind of stories metastasize from site to site because the sites are more interested in an agenda than accuracy. And it typically takes less than five minutes to determine whether the stories have any credibility. My son came home from work one day and told me about this co-worker who told him Obama wants a “one world” government and there’s a video that proves it. So, I googled “Obama wants a one world government,” found the video and all of the other links that pointed out that the video had been edited to try to make it look that way. 98% of what you see on the internet is complete and utter crap, particularly when it’s written about Obama and the federal government.

      2. Often it is related to the idea that “they’re coming for your guns.”

        I don’t think guns should be banned, but perhaps they should be regulated a bit more – like a car.

      3. Completely agree. And that’s why the Small Arms Treaty is so perfectly twisted I to their “they are coming to take our guns” conspiracy theories.

      4. Just watched this. Thanks for sending it my way. The number of people who believe the Jade Helm nonsense makes me seriously worry about the future of our country and whether we will be able to get over the massive divide that exists here.

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