Committee to vote on expanding Wisconsin voucher program

Re-blog: Wisconsin looks at expanding school “voucher program.”

The Wisconsin Radio Network states that the governor of Wisconsin – Scott Walker – spoke Monday afternoon at an American Federation for Children event in New Orleans.

He spent much of the 20 minute speech talking about efforts in Wisconsin to expand school choice programs and private school vouchers in Wisconsin.

Walker’s new budget calls for lifting an enrollment cap on the statewide “voucher program,” which would allow more students to attend private and religious schools using taxpayer dollars. He said part of the reason he wants to expand those options is to “put pressure on public school districts” to operate more like successful choice, charter, and virtual schools.

Some groups state they are already feeling cuts at state schools:

The Journal-Sentinel newspaper: “Emphasize that restoring (the $127 million) cut still only gets public schools back go a freeze in allowable revenue,” wrote John Forester, the director of government relations for the School Administrators Alliance, to members.

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