New Indiana Jones-Style Bar-And-Grill At Disney World

A restaurant will be opening this fall with the Downtown Disney expansion to Disney Springs – Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.

The new restaurant will be aviation-themed.  Many will recognize the name Jock Lindsey as the pilot from the ever popular (and now Disney-owned) Indiana Jones films.

The restaurant will be found near Lake Buena Vista between Paradiso 37 and the Boathouse and will be a Disney operated restaurant, writes  It is set to open later this year.

Some fans on Twitter were confused about the focus of the bar’s theme, writes

People were wondering who exactly was Jock Lindsey, writes   He wasn’t as recognizable as other characters from the film series such as Sean Connery’s portrayal of Indiana Jones’ father, or Jonathan Ke Quan’s character of Wan “Short Round” Li.

Here’s some background on Jock Lindsey thanks to an Indiana Jones wikia (because sometimes that is as deep as you can get with information on fictional characters):

Jock Lindsey is the pilot and friend of Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. Lindsey makes his debut in Raiders of the Lost Ark as the pilot who repeatedly gets Indiana Jones up and out of some difficult situations.

According to his wikia, Lindsey is a former stunt pilot who has left that business to freelance for Indiana Jones, taking him to the locations of his archeological sites and impending trouble.

The new bar will help Disney Springs – and essentially Orlando, Florida – attract more visitors to Central Florida, writes

(Updated article)

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