Is Bernie A Credible Challenge To Hillary?

The New York Times writes that “(t)he first evidence that Mrs. Clinton could face a credible challenge in the Iowa presidential caucuses appeared late last week in the form of overflow crowds at Mr. Sanders’s first swing through that state since declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

He drew 700 people to an event on Thursday night in Davenport, for instance.  It was “the largest rally in the state for any single candidate this campaign season,” writes the New York Times.  Only 50 attended a rally there on Saturday with former Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland.

The Iowa caucuses on February 1st are the first in the country.  They will be a test for Hillary Clinton, who came in third in Iowa during her presidential run in 2008.

Mr. Sanders is considered the Senate’s most left-wing member, and he has been inspiring to the Democratic base at recent rallies and town-hall-style meetings, including on Wednesday in the first presidential primary state, New Hampshire.

Mrs. Clinton is far ahead in the polls, fund-raising and name recognition, however, and she is expected to continue to have a much more organized and sophisticated campaign operation in Iowa and nationwide than Mr. Sanders.

According to The New York Times, “(h)er mix of centrist and progressive Democratic views may yet prove more appealing to the broadest number of party voters as well, while some of Mr. Sanders’s policy prescriptions – including far higher taxes on the wealthy and deep military spending cuts – may eventually persuade Democrats that he is unelectable in a general election.”

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