Is Bernie Sanders Being Excluded From Corporate Media?

Ring of Fire Radio

This website – OK, Fine – is focusing today on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Much information has come out on Bernie recently.  Sanders declared his presidential run about a month ago.

Does Mr. Sanders have a chance of winning the presidency?  Is he able to raise enough funding for his election campaign and get the media attention he needs and deserves?  Is Mr. Sanders’ age a factor?

“Mr. Sanders is considered the Senate’s most left-wing member,” states The New York Times.

The Times also writes that Sanders recently drew 700 people to an event in Davenport, Iowa that was “the largest rally in the state for any single candidate this campaign season.”  Only 50 attended a rally there on Saturday with former Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland.

Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign has been steadily picking up steam over the past month, writes Ring of Fire. After announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, Sanders managed to raise $3 million in just four days and has already had over 150,000 people sign up to volunteer on the campaign trail.

Ring of Fire hosts Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss it.

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