Can Ineptitude Be Criminal?

Re-blog from In Saner Thought.

In Saner Thought

Opinion from the tortured fingers of Chuq

The newest clown for the GOP circus is Graham and he is thumping his chest about all his experience in foreign policy…….he has been in Congress for 20 years and that does not make one an expert at anything other than cowardice.

Now back to the subject….Ineptitude…….In a legal sense I do not think there is a law that covers this.  But in my opinion when it comes to foreign relations and policy it should definitely be……against the law!

Let’s begin with the word…..’ineptitude’.  The word means…..”a lack of skill or ability”…..a better definition should be……”Incompetent“.

There are many within our government that try to talk a mean game….the big problem is that talk is cheap and knowledge is priceless……..and knowledge is in short supply in our Congress.

I am referring to the comments made by foreign policy neophytes like Sen…

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