Hamid unwelcome, Harry (same person) welcome in London

Thanks to Dear Kitty. Some Blog: after not getting any job interviews, Muslim man fakes his name, gets job interview within hours.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2014 video is called “HIJABITERRORIST EXPERIMENT” in Germany [Social Experiment].

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Islamophobia laid bare by name ploy

Saturday 6th june 2015

Muslim teacher got interview by posing as white Briton on CV

HIGHLY-QUALIFIED teacher Hamid Mahmood blew the whistle on Islamophobia in education recruitment procedures yesterday after changing his name to Harry Mason landed him an interview at a school that previously rejected him.

After failing to be shortlisted twice for a job at Langdon Academy in east London last year, Mr Mahmood decided to try to “whiten” his name and apply again.

In less than seven hours, “Mr Mason” had an interview offer, despite having exactly the same qualifications and even the same phone number and home address as Mr Mahmood.

The religion and theology teacher, who has almost 15 years in education and two master’s degrees with high distinctions…

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