Is ‘Manspreading’ An Arrestable Offense?

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“‘Manspreading’ — the act of a someone, usually a man, taking up two subway seats by spreading his legs — has rankled many train passengers for years. It became enough of an annoyance that the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York put anti-manspreading public service announcements on subway cars,” writes The Huffington Post.

Is the campaign against “manspreading” left-wing? Right-wing? Is it “anti-man?” Can women get arrested for it?

Or is it “anti-poor?”

(Updated article)

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One thought on “Is ‘Manspreading’ An Arrestable Offense?

  1. Why should they be arrested? How about Humiliated or shunned? Maybe give them a “time-out” and then they have to go stand in the corner….with their nose smashed into the corner until the next stop, and then they have to get off and walk the rest of the way. But arrested? IN JAIL?? for “manspreading”?? What’s it called if a woman does it? (Probably then it would be Indecent exposure)… They could call it: Whoa-man spreading or Bi-Seatuals? or Doing The Subway Spread?

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