An open letter to WordPress and all bloggers – Our unethical species

Re-blog from ShaunyNews in Scotland.

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth



Today is EXACTLY 3 years since I started on WordPress. 9th June 2012, I was writing on another’s page about sport, I thought at the time WordPress was only for that purpose, it wasn’t till someone sent me something regarding my disability I then started “PrayingForOneDay” around 2 years ago now, I closed that and opened ShaunyNews almost a year ago now. In this time I have made friends and sadly lost friends. People get confused between love and sex, hate and education in our World. Many think I am Anti-American but the switched on Americans thank me dearly and sincerely for telling them a news they can’t see. I get thanked from people inside Israel for saying “Israeli people don’t all like what happened in Palestine” These are just a few of the things I share and get thanked for. Trust me, the abuse I get daily on…

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