‘Fast-Track’ Trade Authority Derailed?

According to Reuters, The House of Representatives (the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress) blocked legislation on Friday to “fast-track” trade deals such as the TPP through Congress. Lawmakers defeated a related measure on aid to workers who lose their jobs because of trade pacts, dealing a big blow to the strange coalition of President Barack Obama and Congressional Republicans.

One gnawing question: If the TPP trade pact was so good for the U.S., then why would we need a bill to aid workers hurt by trade pacts?

The measures had been joined together and the defeat of the measure providing aid for U.S. workers, at least for now, is a defeat for the drive in the House to pass the fast-track bill.

The president claims he needs a “fast-tracked” bill, which requires only an up-or-down vote, to finish negotiating a 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal.

However, House Republican leaders might still hold another vote on fast track to give members an opportunity to share their views. Even if it passes, the legislation is still dead in the House for now, writes Reuters.

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