Hillary Clinton’s Position On Trade Deal Still Murky

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USA Today writes that Hillary Clinton told Iowans Sunday that the President should listen to concerns – including those of fellow Democrats – about a huge trade deal he is trying to push through Congress.

Hillary Clinton said the point should be “to make sure we get the best, strongest deal possible,” wrote USA Today.  “And if we don’t get it, there should be no deal,” she said.

Critics, including rivals from Clinton’s left, have said she needs to take more of a stand on the huge trade deal, which is still being negotiated with other countries, according to USA Today.

Union leaders and many Democratic politicians fear the deal would lead to losses of U.S. jobs to overseas competitors.  Articles claim that anywhere from 700,000 to 5 million U.S. jobs were lost due to the NAFTA trade deal.

Her stance on the Trans Pacific Partnership drew raucous applause from several hundred people gathered at the Iowa State Fairgrounds for the first public rally in Iowa of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

She noted that the final Trans Pacific proposal has not been released. FreespeechTV claims that the information we do have about the TPP comes from groups like WikiLeaks. The New York Times did an article on the TPP in conjunction with WikiLeaks.




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