Kanye West Chuck E. Cheese Incident

Hot 97

There is a rumor on the internet that rap artist Kanye West had 60 kids thrown out of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant so that his kid North West could play with the toys alone.

Kanye called into the New York radio station Hot 97 FM on June 11th  to deny reports that he threw kids out of a Chuck E. Cheese in Los Angeles so North could have the place to herself.

West claims that he’s never even been there before.

It was reported that Kanye West asked his security detail to remove 60 kids from a Los Angeles Chuck E. Cheese because his wife Kim Kardashian believes that “North likes to play by herself.”  However, the hip-hop star denied the story by calling into the radio station on June 11th, and by going on the offensive, writes Hot 97 FM.

“I haven’t even been to Chuck E. Cheese, but I’m glad that I heard that, so I could intercept it,” Kanye said. He also added, “First of all, they should be paying me to even say their name. I’m trying to stay off the carbs, I don’t even eat pizza! What am I going to do at a Chuck E. Cheese?”


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