The Pacific trade deal has all kinds of protections for businesses — but not for workers | GlobalPost

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In Saner Thought

Obama’s newest fight with Congress is the trade agreement that he supports, the TPP…….we are told all about how good it will be for this country……Obama and his conservative supports are pulling out all stops to make this thing happen……..

The problem is, at least for me, that all the promises and talk has all  been said before……that time by Bubba Clinton and his abortion, NAFTA……for all the good they told us it would do just somehow did not help any body but business…..the workers were screwed….as always……the TPP will be NO different.

If this is such a superb deal for the country then why is it a secret?  Why is it not possible for us to see the agreement before it is finalized?

TPP will be nothing but a con to promote and protect business…..workers will be left at the curb… they always are in these “good” deals……..


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