Was Paul Walker Killed By Illuminati?


(Let’s take a break from the standard news, shall we? – editor)

There is a rumor out there that actor Paul Walker was killed by the Skull and Bones secret society.

The Skull and Bones is a secret society of high-powered people based at Yale university, according to Wikipedia.  The group is reportedly related to The Illuminati, a group of individuals that purport to be members of the original Bavarian Illuminati. The founders of the first clandestine group created the society in May 1776, writes guardianlv.com.

Paul Walker starred in the movie The Skulls as a student who is initiated into the secret club.  The real group was less than happy that a movie was being made that draws attention to them and their practices.

The theory says that there are clues in the movie of Paul’s demise.  There are also interesting coincidences.

Here is an example of some of the coincidences: In the movie, he is given a red Porsche by elders in the group. In real life, he died in a red Porsche.

Walker passed away 13 years after making the movie all about the Skull and Bones. The number is of great importance within the Illuminati, who believe in Satanic numerology, with 13 having great significance, as this is said to be the amount of families that run the world, according to Satanic Bloodlines.

Paul Walker

Other sources claim that surveillance video footage of the car shows that it was hit by a projectile such as some kind of missile.

In photographs, Walker’s car seems to be burned to the ground, though the tree that his car hit does not seem burned.

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See also the Paul Walker / Illuminati youtube video by The Vigilant Christian

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