Why Did He Do It?

Re-blog – a reading list from In Saner Thought on the Charleston church shooting.

In Saner Thought

Okay I will bend to social convention and write on the recent attack and deaths in South Carolina……..

As usual the media has turned this incident into a media circus…..they are on a feeding frenzy for information…..and in turn are giving their followers TMI…….what is important is trying to explain why someone would go to these lengths……

The media is trying to get a conversation started, like they do with every major domestic story, the problem is they are the only ones that want to talk about it…….

Back to my original question…..with all the ‘reporting’ out there does anyone really know why he did it?

Maybe this will help………

Racism, terrorism, mass shootings: The church massacre in Charleston combines several of the most troubling issues facing America today, and it has led to some forceful insights. A roundup of six that are worth a read:

  1. The Deadly History…

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