Are The Chillicothe, Ohio Murders Related?

In the hills of Ohio’s Scioto Valley, the town of Chillicothe is unaccustomed to the widespread fear that has grown steadily as women have disappeared in the past year.

Six unfinished cases are causing residents to speculate that a serial killer is in their midst. Two women have been missing and four have turned up dead, writes USA Today.

The Washington Post states, “In little over a year, at least six women have disappeared from the town of only 21,000. Four of their bodies have been found, almost all of them dumped in creeks or streams flowing away from the town.”

Two of the dead – Timberly Claytor, 38; and Tiffany Sayre, 26 – were found within three weeks of each other, and both cases have been classified as homicides.

Though it isn’t the only avenue they are pursuing, local law enforcement officials haven’t discounted the possibility of a serial killer.

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