Russell Brand Interviews Labour Party Leader: Vintage Video

Russell Brand

Last month, prior to the British Election, Russell Brand interviewed Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Labour Party in Britain.

The two discussed politics and issues, many of which are similar to issues facing Western countries.

Miliband mentions “zero-hour contracts.” What are “zero-hour contracts?”

According to,

“Zero-hour contracts are also known as casual contracts. Zero hour contracts are usually for ‘piece work’ or ‘on call’ work, eg interpreters.

“This means:

-they are on call to work when you need them
-you don’t have to give them work
-they don’t have to do work when asked

“Zero hour workers are entitled to statutory annual leave and the National Minimum Wage in the same way as regular workers.

“You are still responsible for health and safety of staff on zero hour contracts.

2 thoughts on “Russell Brand Interviews Labour Party Leader: Vintage Video

  1. The reality of Zero hours contracts is that if you don’t get a call from you employer for a few days and you go off and find other work, you are no longer “available” and therefore have broken your contract. It may well be that “interpreters” have these contracts but actually it is the poorest in society that have them. Even Tesco Supermarkets, one of the richest employers in the country use them for backroom staff like drivers and warehouse men.

    The Government love them because if you have a zero hour contract you no longer appear on the unemployed figures, even if you do zero work, the government looks good, and they don’t have to pay benefits. Just like the old days when dock workers had wait to be chosen for work each day at the dock gates, so too must those on zero hours contracts wait for the phone to ring to find out if they are going to earn any money today.

    As for zero hours workers being entitled to statutory annual leave this is true, like regular workers, but they won’t get paid whilst on holiday.

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