What Is The Amazon ‘Treasure Truck?’

Amazon has pushed back the launch of its “Treasure Truck” in Seattle after several days of hyping the unique initiative by driving around the city to drum up attention, writes GeekWire.


Treasure Truck, announced by Amazon this week, is a deals program that the company was planning to launch today in Seattle, letting people buy a heavily discounted item through Amazon’s mobile app and pick it up from the truck at a designated location.

“(T)he Treasure Truck…will drive around Seattle neighborhoods with one ‘highly-desirable, limited-quantity’ product each day,” writes The Verge,

The launch had been scheduled for today with a $99 inflatable stand-up paddleboard set that normally sells for more than $475.

However, the item was supposed to go on sale at 7 a.m., for pick-up later in the day, but people opening the Amazon mobile shopping app this morning are instead being told that the offer has been “moved to a later date.”

The designated pickup location was near Amazon’s headquarters and the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle. The company had even suggested that people buying the paddleboards could try them out right away on nearby Lake Union.



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