California ‘Cap-And-Trade’ Program Provides $122 Million For Affordable Housing

According to, California’s cap-and-trade program this year will provide $122 million in funding for affordable housing, including more than 800 new units in Southern California for lower-income residents.

28 winning projects are to be built using high energy-efficiency standards and will be located within a half mile of public transit stops.

California’s Strategic Growth Council, which picked the award recipients, said that’s in keeping with the spirit of the cap-and-trade program that collects fees from polluting companies to put toward addressing climate change.

The housing projects will “reduce as much greenhouse gas as taking all the cars in Newport Beach and Citrus Heights up north off the road for a year,” said Mike McCoy, the council’s executive director.!cap-and-trade/c1rev

One thought on “California ‘Cap-And-Trade’ Program Provides $122 Million For Affordable Housing

  1. Here’s how sizable the problem is in California. Last week, at a meeting at work, I learned that the deficit in affordable housing in this state is at 1.5 million homes and the deficit grows by 60,000 every year. Any increase in the housing stock is good, but …

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