Watch Bray Wyatt Learn About The Hogan Scandal Mid-Spooky Promo In This Funny Or Die Video

Re-posted from Wrestler Bray Wyatt lears about Hulk Hogan scandal while making a video (parody). Summerslam is a wrestling match in New York in August.


Uh oh, it seems as though Funny or Die may have a wrestling fan infestation on their hands. There are a lot of ways they could have played off the Hulk Hogan racism scandal. Most comedy sites probably would have referenced his ’80s Hulkamania heyday, but the Funny or Die folks went with something a little more modern. Something only people that actually keep up with the WWE product would get.

In the above video, we see Bray Wyatt (or rather, a pretty good Bray impersonator) cutting one of his patented spooky promos only to be interrupted with news of the Hulkster’s post-coital n-word barrage. Bray may be an evil, swamp-dwelling cult leader, but even he’s like, “Wait, Hulk Hogan said whaaat?” Follow along with Bray as he cycles through the Five Stages of Grief for Hulk Hogan’s recently departed career. We’ve all been there over the past few…

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Acting Administrator Of DEA Says He’s ‘Not An Expert’ On Drugs

TYT Network

According to U.S. News and World Report, the acting administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Chuck Rosenberg, said recently, “If you want me to say that marijuana’s not dangerous, I’m not going to say that because I think it is. Do I think it’s as dangerous as heroin? Probably not. I’m not an expert.”

Does Fox News Bully Homeless People?

Russell Brand

Russell Brand looks at a “Watters’ World” episode where Fox News discusses homelessness.

During the video, Brand asks who owns The New York Post?

According to, the Huffington Post, and other sources, the owner of The New York Post is Rupert Murdoch, the same person who owns Fox News.

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Re-posted from the publication Chicago Defender. What is the Chicago Defender?

“The Chicago Defender is a Chicago-based weekly newspaper founded in 1905 by Robert S. Abbott for primarily African-American readers,” writes Wikipedia.

“In 1919–1922 the Defender attracted the writing talents of Langston Hughes. Later, Gwendolyn Brooks and Willard Motley wrote for it. It was published as The Chicago Daily Defender, a daily newspaper, from 1956 to 2003, when it returned to a weekly format.”

The Chicago Defender


William Grant Still with his sheet music William Grant Still with his sheet music



The 81st annual Grant Park Music Festival continues July 29 with guest conductor Thomas Wilkins – music director of the Omaha Symphony and principal guest conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra – leading the Grant Park Orchestra. The program includes Jerry Goldsmith’s eight-minute Fireworks, Dvorák’s beautiful, large-scale “Symphony No. 6,” and “The Sunday Symphony” by William Grant Still, “the Dean of all Afro-American Composers.” Performance is Wednesday, July 29, 6:30pm in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.

The caveat is that one hour before the concert, CSO’s Sounds and Stories contributor Laura Sauer hosts a free Club 615 pre-concert lecture with Mr. Wilkins on Wednesday, July 29, 5:30pm in Millennium…

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John Stewart Tries To Move On From Trump

J Stewart’s Show

Jon Stewart said he’s trying to “move on” from Donald Trump to more important issues.

He then looked at the Iran deal and how Republicans have been calling it “historically bad.”

They seemed to misunderstand that the point of the deal is to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran, not to give them nuclear weapons. He also discussed Republicans who criticized the deal without reading it, like a “bizarro iTunes user agreement.”

Does Bernie Sanders Represent Main-Stream Views?

Secular Talk

Recently, on the show Meet The Press, the round table group consisted of Sara Fagen, a former George Bush political aide, who is now part of CNBC, MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart, and pundit Ron Fournier.

The group discussed which party has become more “extreme.”

Here, host Kyle Kulinski makes the case that left-wing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is actually not very extreme.