Corporate Astroturf pro-austerity demonstration in Greece

Re-blog from Dear Kitty. Some Blog.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA is called Astroturfing exposed – How the American energy & coal industry fakes a grassroots revolution.

After pro-global warming demonstrations, Astroturfed by Big Oil in the USA … today a pro-European Union austerity demonstration in Greece; Astroturfed by German, Greek, etc. Big Business.

From daily The Guardian in Britain tonight:

There are reports from Athens that some firms have been pushing their staff to take part in tonight’s Yes rally.

Not sure how substantial they are, so I’ve alerted our people on the ground – in the meantime, regular reader equusmulusoctopus has kindly provided the details:

The labour inspection of the Greek ministry of work and social insurance says that it has been receiving dozens of complaints since early this morning about employers trying to force their employees to participate in the “yes” demonstration this evening. The attempt appears to be well…

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