‘Bloodbath?’ Huge Layoffs At Chicago Public Schools

The mayor of Chicago and the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced 1,400 layoffs and $200 million in cuts to meet a teachers’ pension deadline.   WLS writes that teachers and parents plan to protest at City Hall.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel delayed a $634 million pension payment until the eleventh-hour on Tuesday, waiting to see any relief would come from state lawmakers. It never came, writes ABC7 News in Chicago.

The mayor and Interim CPS CEO Jesse Ruiz outlined on Wednesday who would be laid off and where cuts would be made.

Ruiz said most of the 1,400 jobs cut were in administration and special education programs.

Supposedly very few teachers were laid off.

Funding for elementary sports teams was cut, and the facility maintenance budget was reduced 25 percent. Highs schools are starting 45 minutes later, writes ABC7. The mayor said schools will open on time in the fall and class sizes will not be affected.

“These cuts will hurt the most vulnerable students in the city of Chicago, who are the most vulnerable students in the state,” the Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union Jesse Sharkey said, according to ABC7 News.

(Updated report)


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