American Voter: One Trick Pony

Re-posted from In Saner Thought.

In Saner Thought

Here we go!  The 2016 election is about to become an all consuming issue.

We always here about the courage of the American voter and there trends here and there…..but to my thinking it is all so much crap to sell a paper.

Most all Americans are a one issue voter.  I have written on this subject before….just about every election hoping someone will see the illogical voting habits of Americans.

When it comes to informed voting habits most Americans are morons.

Let me explain.  If the voter is an abortion rights support then that is all they care about….or if they worry about the economy then they ignore the voting  problems….or if they are concerned about religious stuff then they could care less about the economy……on and on and on…….most will pretend, even lie, about their concerns, especially to pollsters….hence I call them a One trick Pony Voter.


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