Boy At Beach Hit By Crash-Landing Small Airplane

A 12-year-old hit by a small, single-engine plane at Carlsbad State Beach in California is listed in serious condition at Rady Children’s Hospital.

A small single-engine Piper PA18 towing a beach-banner crashed into the beach, reported officials.

Nicholas Baer was body-boarding with some of his friends on the 4th of July when a plane lost power and crashed into him.

“At the last second, he saw it and he almost fell back trying to get out of the way and he hit his face,” said Carson Scott, who is friends with Baer.

The body board Baer was using has blood stains and tire marks from the crash.

“Right here is where the tire hit him,” said Scott.

Right after the crash, Baer was bleeding from his head. Carson’s Dad, Tom who brought the boys to the beach, jumped into action.

“I was holding the back of his head just trying to keep him calm and waiting for people to show up,” said Scott.

Lifeguards and paramedics quickly responded and took the boy to Rady Children’s Hospital.

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