9/11: We Need To Know!

Re-posted from In Saner Thought.

Fascinating – most of the 19 hijackers who flew into the twin towers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabian. Did Saudis also finance the hijackings?

In Saner Thought

Since that fateful day in September of 2001 people have been asking questions about the attacks……..and yes theories, conspiracy theories, have been flying around the internet…………

Did the Saudis have anything to do with the attacks?  This is the question I hear most often in the circles I run with…..there seems to be a portion of society that believes the Saudis are not the “friends” we think they are……..but were they capable of this type of treachery?

Maybe this piece will help you in your search…….

We need to know: Did Saudis help fund 9/11 attacks? Column.

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