Frightening Proposal to Intern Muslim Citizens | Al Jazeera America

Re-posted from “In Saner Thought:” Democrat Wes Clark recently said about radical Muslims, “(I)t’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”

Is Clark going over-the-top by suggesting internment camps for Muslims?

FEMA camps for Muslims?

In Saner Thought

Back during the early days of the 2004 campaigns I was a supporter of Wes Clark for president…..unfortunately his message got lost in the rhetoric of the day……

But recently I read an interview with Clark on the “Lone Wolf” syndrome that is invading the American mindset…….I thoroughly disagree with his assertion…..

With all the Lone Wolf attacks we have been experiencing….people re looking for a solution to the problem and Clark thinks he has the answer……

Frightening Proposal to Intern Muslim Citizens | Al Jazeera America.

If you will recall the Charlie Hedo shooters were radicalized in jail……..if you put these people together and they will become more radicalized than they were before they went in…….and the hardcore will have willing converts to make more radical…….

This is NOT a good idea……I would like to hear what my readers have to say about this situation…..

Please sound off!

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