Florida Representative Alan Grayson Discusses ‘Wall-Street’ Democrats

Secular Talk

Earlier this month – on Thursday, July 9th – Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson announced that he plans to run for the senate seat that will be vacated by Republican Marco Rubio.

Rubio is running for U.S. President.

Grayson and his aggressive style are well-known on liberal web sites.  He has reportedly outlined platforms for his campaign, including protecting senior citizens, requiring companies to offer paid sick leave, and promoting universal health care, writes Florida news station local10.

He reportedly said he is the only candidate running for the senate seat who is focusing on those issues.

“This is the ‘it’ campaign of 2016. Just like Elizabeth Warren was the ‘it’ campaign in her race,” Grayson said, according to Florida news station wftv.com.

“I’m going to be running a Barack Obama-style campaign. I am going to try and wake up and electrify the electorate with all the good we can do for each other,” said Grayson.

According to wftv.com, Grayson has passed more amendments than any other congressman.

He discussed the senate race with Fox radio host Alan Colmes.





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