Ed Schultz Show

Ed Schultz

Does Ed Schultz still have a show?

Last month, MSNBC decided to cancel Ed Schultz’s “The Ed Show.”  Ed will reportedly be replaced with a more “moderate” anchor – Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd.  Schultz is known for giving more liberal politicians a platform to speak.  Ed has spoken at length on the TPP trade agreement, unions, labor issues, and the environment.

Recently, Ed claimed on his podcast that he was told about the cancellation on July 16th, and the Ed Show finished on July 31st.

The internet podcast and radio show can be found on YouTube, wegoted.com, and Ring of Fire Radio.

Last week, Ed spoke with Jane Kleeb, Director of Bold Nebraska, to discuss the Keystone XL Pipeline and Hillary Clinton for a second day in a row. Ed also comments on Donald Trump not being invited to the latest Koch Brothers retreat.






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