Internet censorship and spying in Germany

Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas has fired the country’s top prosecutor, Harald Range, over Range’s handling of the “treason” investigation. Netzpolitik is a type of “whistleblowing” website.

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This German video is about a demonstration in Berlin on 1 August 2015, pro free press, against Internet censorship and spying, and against the prosecution of bloggers for ‘treason’.

By Ulrich Rippert in Germany:

German government fires prosecutor over treason charge against Internet blog

5 August 2015

On Tuesday evening, the German government fired the chief federal prosecutor, Attorney General Harald Range, for his unprecedented defiance of the government in bringing treason charges against an Internet blog that exposed plans for mass spying by the federal intelligence agencies. Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) consigned Range to retirement on the grounds that his trust in Range’s administration had been “permanently damaged.”

The firing came only hours after Range openly attacked the government, and Maas in particular, at a hastily convened press conference. He spoke of “intolerable interference” by politicians into the independence of the justice system because he…

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