iTunes is now illegal in the UK

Consequence of Sound

For most of us, the idea of taking an old CD and ripping it onto iTunes is a standard practice. Many in the UK apparently felt similarly, though such an action wasn’t legal until late last year when the government enacted legislation making copying for personal use legal. Now, however, after objections from multiple music groups, a High Court has overturned the new law, making copying legally purchased material for personal use a criminal act once again.

That means that, essentially, iTunes is promoting an illegal practice with its CD ripping feature. Whenever you pop a disc into the ol’ drive, iTunes prompts you to copy the CD. Thanks to the High Court’s decision, such an action is now punishable by law (again), and the very existence of the feature itself is illegal. In fact, because iTunes could now be seen as promoting an illegal activity, Apple could theoretically face damage claims from…

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