At RedState: Chris Christie greeted with a slam from a Georgia gun group

Re-blog: Is the NRA against Chris Christie?
More on the RedState gathering:

Political Insider blog

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be the first GOP presidential candidate to speak during this morning’s session of the RedState Gathering in Atlanta. Gun enthusiasts are waiting for him.

Specifically, Georgia Gun Owners, a group that thinks the National Rifle Association is squishy on the Second Amendment, is greeting Christie with this flyer:

Anti-Chris Christie flyer at RedState Gathering. Anti-Chris Christie flyer at RedState Gathering.

As you can see, one leg of the attack includes a Christie quote declaring his opposition to repeal of an assault weapon ban in New Jersey. It’s from 1993, before Christie was even a member of that state’s legislature.

In case you were wondering, no firearms will be allowed on the premises during the RedState Gathering.

Georgia Gun Owners is among the firearm groups questioning why the cattle-call that’s attracting 10 Republican presidential candidates is banning weapons. Hotel Intercontinental’s security is asking attendees to check their firearm on arrival in…

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