Differing Views Of Debate

Does it ever seem like news outlets put their own spin on an issue?

Today, CNN wrote an article titled “No one eclipses Donald Trump at GOP debate.”

That article can be found here:


Today, Fox News wrote an article titled “Trump loses Republican debate but Rubio, Cruz and others triumph.”

That article can be found below:



One thought on “Differing Views Of Debate

  1. I watched the whole thing last night and am just blown away by the commentators, bloggers, and commenters who claim that Cruz and Rubio did well. And there are those who thought Huckabee did well. But the ones that have absolutely no credibility at all are the ones who insist Carson did well. Anybody who says that … well, I just don’t know what to say. He demonstrated that he had no flippin clue what he was doing up there. Rubio came across like the nerdy kid in school who raises his hand and is then so eager to get his answer out that he speaks faster than anybody could possibly understand. I thought Cruz was a complete non-factor and Huckabee demonstrated his severe whacko-ness. Yet more evidence we live in a country firmly divided in two.

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