Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Bernie Sanders Event

Bernie Sanders v. Black Lives Matter in Seattle [KIRO/Screengrab]In Seattle on Saturday, activists associated with Black Lives Matter took over the stage at a rally for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  The Democratic presidential candidate was prevented from speaking, reports the New York Daily News.

It is unclear why the group protested a candidate who is considered “left-wing” and has empathy for their movement.

The Root states that the activists demanded that Sanders be held “accountable” for not doing enough to tackle police brutality and other social injustices. After airing their grievances on the Westlake Park stage, they called for a moment of silence to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown, who died in Ferguson, Missouri. The unarmed black teen was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson, putting steam behind the Black Lives Matter movement.


One thought on “Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Bernie Sanders Event

  1. They didn’t shut down Bernie’s Seattle event. His rally was held later that day on the campus of the University of Washington. I was there. I was part of the 15,000 who attended and who did get to hear Bernie speak. This very sad episode earlier in the day will do nothing to unite the people of this country. The speech Bernie gave last night was for all Americans, if they only stopped to let him speak. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

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