Trump Tries To Clarify Comment On Fox News’ Anchor Megyn Kelly


“Donald J. Trump’s suggestion that a Fox News journalist had questioned him forcefully at the Republican presidential debate because she was menstruating cost him a speaking slot Saturday night at an influential gathering of conservatives in Atlanta,” writes The New York Times.

Trump wasn’t backing down following his controversial ‘blood’ comment regarding Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. The comment infuriated political pundits and social media critics over the weekend, writes NBC News.

He was to appear on four Sunday morning TV shows.  Producers quickly added him to their lineups as the controversy over his remarks grew Saturday, according to USA Today.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Trump told host Chuck Todd that he “doesn’t mind apologizing” when he is wrong – but he insists that he’s not wrong.

Trump claimed his controversial statement criticizing Kelly’s questioning during Thursday’s Fox News primary debate was justified.

Trump has been known to make insulting comments against a woman’s appearance or other attributes.

In the video above, the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly brought this up during the recent debate on prime-time television.

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