Does Bernie Sanders Need A ‘Bouncer?’

TYT Network

Recently activists took the stage at a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle.

Should Bernie handle activists – all activists, of any nature – differently?  Does he need a bouncer?

Hillary Clinton handled #BlackLivesMatter protesters differently than presidential contender Bernie Sanders recently did.

Clinton wasn’t interested in having a repeat of the situation that Bernie Sanders had with #BlackLivesMatter activists, according to The Dailyy Kos.

When BLM activists showed up at a Hillary campaign rally, they “were offered a place in an overflow room, which Clinton later visited.


Keene, New Hampshire (CNN) – Hillary Clinton met with five #BlackLivesMatter members on Tuesday in New Hampshire after the group was not allowed into the presidential candidate’s forum on substance abuse.

After her event here, Clinton met with the group for 15 minutes, according to Daunasia Yancey, founder of #BlackLivesMatter in Boston. Yancey said that the group felt the meeting was positive, but still has more questions for Clinton on her family’s role in mass incarceration and drug policy.

TYT Network discusses it.

(Updated article)


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