Did Trump Leave NBC Or Was He ‘Fired?’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump repeated on Friday that he quit the television show The Apprentice, as opposed to being fired by NBC, which is what he previously told Jake Tapper on CNN’S State of the Union.

Trump said that in order to run for president, he willingly cut ties with NBC, and not the other way around, even though Latino leaders urged NBC to cancel Trump’s shows after he made controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.  A petition had been filed on Change.org to have Trump removed.

“NBC renewed The Apprentice. We had a great season last season. And they would love for me to not be doing this, I will tell you right now… But the Apprentice – I gave up The Apprentice,” Trump said.

NBC cut ties with Trump in June days after he made critical comments about Mexican immigrants and NBC canceled its airing of the Miss USA pageant, which Univision also decided not to air, according to the Associated Press.

Also, yesterday the Associated Press reported that NBC had fired trump from the show The Apprentice.

NBC entertainment chairman, Bob Greenblatt, was asked on Thursday whether Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump would ever return as host of “The Celebrity Apprentice:”   He had two words:  “Absolutely not.”

Greenblatt said that the show will not be back next season, but will return in the future with a new host.

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