Dr. Ben Carson’s Views Of Black Lives Matter

Wikipedia states that Dr. Ben Carson is an American author, political pundit, and retired neurosurgeon. On May 4, 2015, Carson announced he was running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States at a rally in Detroit, Michigan.

Black Lives Matter groups are meeting with Democratic presidential campaigns after members disrupted several events to get out their message.

Fox News claims that Black Lives Matter has apparently eschewed such a strategy with Republican candidates, which is OK with GOP contender Ben Carson.

Carson told Fox News on Thursday he doesn’t agree with BLM’s apparent strategy of forcing a meeting or their agenda upon 2016 candidates, by either disrupting or threatening to disrupt a campaign-related event.

“Of course not,” said Carson. “I would like them to start paying attention to the carnage rather than making it a political issue. The most common cause of death for young black males in cities is homicide.”




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