Fox News Attacked From The Right?


Recently talk radio host Bryan Fischer made comments against Fox News for the way they treated Donald Trump during the recent debate.

Fischer is the former Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA). He hosts the talk radio program Focal Point on American Family Radio and posts on the AFA-run blog Instant Analysis (formerly Rightly Concerned).

Fischer reportedly opposes abortion, universal health care, and same-hjsex marriage.  Fischer’s comments about homosexuality caused the AFA to be designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in November 2010, according to Wikipedia.

To avoid being classified as a hate group, the AFA has officially repudiated Fischer’s views on Muslims, Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, the Holocaust being caused by homosexuals, and the outlawing of homosexuality.


“Last Thursday’s Republican debate was little more than a Fox-engineered hatchet job on Donald Trump. And it didn’t work.

“What sticks out in everybody’s mind is Megyn Kelly’s feminist hectoring of Donald Trump, which made the whole thing look like a debate engineered by TMZ or Entertainment Tonight. It was tabloid journalism at its worst. It was a transparent attempt on the part of Fox not to educate voters but to drive a stake through the heart of the Trump campaign.

“But according to NBC’s ‘scientific’ post-debate poll, Trump still leads the entire GOP field by double digits. He’s at 23%, Ted Cruz has skyrocketed into second at 13%, and Ben Carson has leaped into third at 11%.”


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