Russia Gave a 9/11 Memorial to the USA – WHY DID MEDIA NOT TELL US THIS?

Re-posted from ShaunyNews: Russia gave the U.S. a 9/11 monument in 2006. It was reportedly dedicated by former President Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin.

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Russia-tribute-to-911-victimsThis is in New Jersey, USA! Did ALL Americans know? I didn’t and I would usually know small detail, well huge in this story

Remember I wrote this? Scotland, World – This Is How The Media Manipulates You – Read or Don’t!<Click) So we have MORE proof of media manipulation and control here, no argument! SO! This is news to me 😀 This is a very amazing gift by Vladimer Puttin and the Russian people. But we must ask “Why were we not told?” Someone will say “We were told, here” but I have asked over 10 American’s before writing this and not 1 knew it was there and they all kinda live near it! Now I made a promise to NEVER blog about the USA again but this is a too big a story to ignore. Here in Scotland we are TRYING hard to free ourselves from this, we…

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