Portland Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea-pig-pic2.jpgA new group called the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue in Portland, Oregon, is currently caring for 90 Guinea Pigs that it recently took in from the town of Grants Pass, Oregon.

The group consists of Kate Brownlie, a veterinary technician assistant at Southwest Animal Hospital, assisted by fellow guinea pig lovers Julie Montagne and Suzy Badaracco.

The crew formed Portland Guinea Pig Rescue after caring for a large group of the animals found abandoned in a Beaverton, Oregon, drainage ditch last fall.  They refer to them as the Baseline Church Pigs, writes The Oregonian.

“We talked about starting a guinea pig rescue last August, and then in November, we got 40 guinea pigs dumped in our laps, so we started this impromptu rescue,” Brownlie says. “We decided we liked doing it and started Portland Guinea Pig Rescue.”



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