A tale of two Hewlett-Packards, by the numbers

Re-posted from Fortune: Hewlett-Packard plans to split into two groups on November 1st. One company will be called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and will focus on selling technology like servers and data services to customers. The other will be called HP Inc., and will sell printers and personal computers.


With just two months to go before Hewlett-Packard’s split into two companies, it’s worth a reminder why the Silicon Valley tech giant wanted to do so in the first place.

To back up, Hewlett-Packard [fortune-stock symbol=”HPQ”] plans on November 1 to divide into one company focused on selling data center equipment and business consulting and another that sells printers and personal computers.

Current CEO Meg Whitman will become CEO of the business-technology focused Hewlett-Packard Enterprise while Dion Weisler will be CEO of HP, Inc., the printer and PC company.

Like Intel [fortune-stock symbol=”INTC”] and IBM [fortune-stock symbol=”IBM”] and many big enterprise tech companies, Hewlett Packard has been hurt by a slowing demand for personal computers amid the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Because of that, HP’s legacy PC and printer business has declined steadily over the years. At the same time, the advent of cloud computing—in which companies can purchase…

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