Clark Gable House Currently For Sale At Low Price

A home is for sale in Tucson, Arizona that may or may not have belonged to Hollywood leading man Clark Gable.  Different sources are claiming different things about Gable’s ownership.

The Arizona Daily Star writes that Gable “may or may not have” owned the house.

The publication House Beautiful claims that he did live there, and writes: “Gable moved into the five-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home in 1942, to recover from the death of his wife, Carole Lombard.”

The 1932 Hacienda-style house is on Madelyn Circle near Grant and Swan was the subject of a Tucson Oddity column in 2010 about the legend of Gable living in the home, writes The Arizona Daily Star.

The home is currently on the market for about $275,000. It’s a bit higher than the median home value in Tucson ($135,500 per Zillow) but it is much cheaper than what you’d find in a Old Hollywood celebrity neighborhood like Beverly Hills (median home value: a cool $2,848,200).

It was reportedly designed by architect William Winchester, writes House Beautiful.  Winchester specialized in early twentieth century revival homes that referenced the Pueblo and Spanish style.


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