Phantom Bikes

Jay Leno’s Garage

Former host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno hosts a show called Jay Leno’s Garage on NBC.

The show will also soon appear on the CNBC network. In it, Leno discusses different vehicles and takes them on the road.

Recently, he looked at a few motorized bicycles built by Phantom Bikes in San Diego. He is joined by race driver Justin Bell.

Mopeds or scooters that can be pedaled like a bike – usually with a 49 cc two-stroke engine – are nothing new, but aren’t often seen nowadays.

The motorized bikes in the video are created by a company called Phantom Bikes which has tried to make them look a lot like vintage motorbikes of the early 1920s.  The power is enough to bring the bike up to around 70 km/h or 43 mph, and the bikes get around 140 miles per gallon of gas.

The bikes are put together and designed in the U.S., with a Chinese motor.

More on Phantom Bikes:


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