Ad Contrasts Reagan’s Views On Immigration With That Of Current Republicans

Forum Action Fund

This website has always maintained that Ronald Reagan wasn’t quite what current politicians think he was.   First off, with the exception of some battleship shelling targeted against Lebanon, he never attacked the Middle East.  He also supported gun control (the Brady Bill, enacted during Bill Clinton’s presidency).  As governor of California, he legalized abortion under some circumstances, and the list goes on…

The New York Times states that a pro-immigration group will run a television ad showing Ronald Reagan’s upbeat tone in regards to immigration with the words of current Republican party candidates.

The ad is from the National Immigration Forum Action Fund and will cost  about three-quarters of a million dollars, according to a news release from the group.  It will run primarily on CNN, which is hosting the presidential debate on Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, but also on Fox News and MSNBC.

The ad’s cost demonstrates a renewed effort to show voters the language used by a number of the Republican presidential candidates, write The New York Times. It primarily shows Donald J. Trump, the leader in the polls, who has been criticized for his opening campaign speech in which he suggested that Mexican immigrants coming across the border are “rapists.”

The advertisement contrasts current candidates with Mr. Reagan, who is frequently invoked as the most revered figure among Republicans.

The ad features clips of Mr. Reagan referring to his view of the country as a “city on a hill.”

(Updated article)


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