Could The Flu Become A ‘Big Deal’ This Year? states that Midstate retailers are stocked up on flu vaccine and promoting the availability of flu shots.

In Pennsylvania, there’s a significant change in policy at Pennsylvania supermarkets, drugs stores and other retailers offering flu shots – children nine and older can now get them.

In Canada, the British Columbia Center for Disease Control states that more doctors and nurses must help monitor outbreaks while evaluating the quality of this year’s vaccine.

They are asking doctors and nurses in the area to help them keep an eye on the upcoming flu season. writes that last Last year had the lowest vaccine protection monitored in more than a decade. That was because of a vaccine mismatch, as well as due to the flu season starting earlier than usual that year. writes that the 2014 influenza vaccine was a poor match for the H3N2 virus that caused most of the outbreaks last fall and winter.

“That virus ended up causing the highest number of care facility outbreaks than I’ve seen in more than 15 years in this post,” says Dr. Danuta Skowronski with the British Columbia CDC.

She adds the World Health Organization has updated the vaccine this year in the hope that it’s more effective.

KamloopsBCNow writes that influenza viruses change and each season the flu shot has to be updated to match the new strains that are most likely to make people sick.

Health professionals are needed to check suspected cases.  Throughout September, the BCCDC team will be sending out hundreds of special swab kits throughout the province to prepare.


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