MSNBC Interviews Boy Who Was Arrested For Building A Clock


According to Crooks And Liars, while most of us were busy watching the Republican debate last night, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was interviewing Ahmed Mohamed, the young man who was arrested for bringing his home-made clock to school.

“I felt like I was a criminal, I felt like I was a terrorist, I felt like all the names I was called. In middle school I was called a terrorist and a bomb-maker just because of my race. And my religion,” Mohamed said.

Apparently they had no intention of believing anything he said, writes Crooks And Liars.

“They asked me a couple of times if it’s a bomb. I answered them both times that it’s a clock.”

Worst of all, when they put him in an “interrogation room” in the school, they wouldn’t let him call his parents, leaving him to suffer through an interrogation with no representation and no one in the room as a witness.

“However, it’s not all terrible news,” writes Crooks And Liars.   Even though the Irving, TX, mayor won’t apologize to Ahmed or his family, others have stepped up to the plate.  President Obama invited him to the White House for an astronomy night…



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